Why Choose Pitt GC

Inspiring Future Leaders, Transforming Genetic Health Care

Genetic counseling programs are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Genetic Counseling (ACGC), and must meet a certain set of standards to train competent genetic counseling professionals. However, each program has its own unique set of strengths and academic approach. We feel that the following factors set the Pitt Genetic Counseling Program apart:

1) Our Rich History: The Pitt Genetic Counseling Program was established in 1971, and is the second oldest genetic counseling program in North America. Given its history, the Pitt Genetic Counseling Program has robust experience in designing innovative curriculum, clinical experiences, and research training that optimizes student success.

2) Public Health Connections: The Pitt Genetic Counseling Program is located within the Graduate School of Public Health, and is designed to encourage students to focus on both individuals and populations to improve public health.


3) The Ability to Customize Your Education: There are many ways to customize your training experience in the Pitt Genetic Counseling Program based on your own interests and career goals.

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4) Alumni Network: Pitt genetic counseling students have access to the second largest genetic counseling alumni network, with hundreds of graduates employed in a variety of settings both within the U.S. and abroad.

5) Clinical Experience: Students have observational experiences in their first year and are immersed in clinical rotations during the second year, seeing approximately 150-200 cases in a variety of clinical settings.

6) Thesis Research Experience: The thesis project enhances students’ training by providing a comprehensive understanding of the research process, and collaboration within a research team.

7) Student Mentorship: The Pitt Genetic Counseling Program is designed to support students through peer-to-peer, and peer-to-faculty mentorship.

8) Leadership: The Pitt Genetic Counseling Program is directed by genetic counseling professionals with doctoral degrees, who are dedicated to training the next generation of genetic counseling professionals. They have held leadership positions within the profession and are passionate about cultivating leadership skills in students.

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9) The City: Pittsburgh is a thriving and livable city, home to a world-renowned science and medical community, a significant art and culture scene, dedicated sports fans, and many options for outdoor pursuits.

10) Opportunities to increase affordability: The Pitt Genetic Counseling Program recognizes the significant cost associated with graduate school, and strives to keep the program affordable.

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